Stupidity or Brilliance

It was below zero this past weekend in Indiana. You know what I did? Took my two daughters sledding. Stupidity, maybe; Brilliance, I think so.

We could have stayed holed up in our house or I could teach them how to dress in layers and hand them toe warmers along with hand warmers to go have an adventure. I’d rather set out on an adventure any day of the week even the cold ones. Adventures RULE!

I sat down over the holidays and looked through pictures of 2017 and I was amazed at the adventures we took and fun times we had. We definitely didn’t sit around when I felt good. When I think about 2018 all I do is smile thinking of all the things we could potentially do this year. This just might be our most active year yet!

I have cancer to thank for our snowy and rather chilly adventure. I am pretty certain if it had been the past me the thought would have never crossed my mind and I would not have braved the cold. The present me loaded myself into a sled, held tight onto the rope, threw my arms up in joy, yelled woohoo as the snow from the ground kicked up in my face from the sled, stood at the top of the hill and loaded one daughter up after the other, laughed in watching them gleefully cheer down the snowy hill, and had an absolute amazing day with my girls!

I also took my niece on an adventure up to Purdue University to share with her some of my favorite things about the campus and local places around it. We also trekked through mounds of snow that day. She taught me the pure joy of gliding through fresh, never stepped on, glistening snow on a blistering day. We took a shameless amount of selfies with statues. Likely found every patch of ice there was on campus to pretend like we were ice skating. Climbed piles of snow to see just how deep we could really take our adventure. It was so cold my phone actually gave up at one point. It’ll be a day I will never forget! Memories made.

In order to have some fun in the snow and extreme cold I do have some tips and tricks! Layers are your friend, you need them and several of them with the outer layer being water resistant because snow is basically water and will get you wet. Snow is a magnifier of the sun and any part of your skin needs to be protected by sunblock and your eyes need snow goggles or sunglasses if you’ll be out for long periods of time. Hydrate well, cold weathered activities can totally take it out of you so drink extra water before you go. Hypothermia will set in quicker if you are not hydrated well. Toe warmers and hand warmers are LIFE, go buy a big pack of them and thank me later. SMILE because you are totally going to have an epic time so bring some lip balm to keep your lips from chapping!

I am so ready to see what other stupidity or brilliance type of things cancer teaches me this year. I am going to rock this year on so many levels. It’s not a resolution, it’s my way of life now.

Raise those Cabernet glasses for stupidity or brilliance, for cold and snowy days, for laughter and joy! We get one life, go make it epic!

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