Live in the Details

There is no better place to be. I don’t live for the big events anymore. I live in the details. When I went to the grocery store this morning it was raining, just a normal January drizzle. I danced in the rain, skipped is more like it, jumped in a puddle, and looked up while the rain poured over me.

We reveal our most honest self in the details of daily living. It’s the small interactions and intricate details that define us, that create our dreams. It’s what takes us from ordinary to extraordinary, zest of life so to speak. It’s talking with the cashier and being genuine in the conversation, it’s wrapping up in the smile and glance with a stranger, it’s being humbled by the daily tasks of our lives. If we only live for the weekends then we’ve wasted our lives. You’ve got to be the person that freaking rocks a Tuesday!

Jam out to that favorite tune even if a million strangers are watching you at the stop light, they will only wish that they were you. Open that sunroof in January and while stopped, look up, close your eyes, and bask in the sunshine of a January afternoon. Lord knows I did today and it was magical! I don’t do it often enough, but today I threw the car into sport mode, paddle shifters engaged, sunroof open, me and the open road. There is nothing like that feeling when you can feel the car grip the ground and it’s just you, the fresh air, and the car beneath you. It’s details in motion, literally.

As a mother and wife I think there are opportunities that often get lost in the details. Motherhood is very much about doing for another being and living in the details, often with little acknowledgement. Too many don’t find joy in the details. I used to be one of them. Today though couldn’t be further from that reality. I cooked my family’s favorite meal. As I began that preparation, Frank Sinatra played from my Amazon Echo, an open bottle of Cabernet was breathing, I was chopping garlic while pans warmed up. Slowly and intricately the kitchen filled with a warm Italian smell, Sinatra swaying the feet and hips, humming began to transpire, and food began to cook openly. It was a rhythmic hum, THIS, this is my happy place. Doing for my family. Motherhood. Being a wife. Living in the details.

Chasing dreams people often forget to stop and soak in the details that make those dreams a reality. I feel like people want to rush the details to get the next accomplishment check marked off the list. The journey is all about the details. It’s what you will remember when looking back, it’s what your kids will think of, and it’s the grind that ends up defining you. Live for the grind.

The details are our service to others, it’s how we love, it’s our show of appreciation, the details are our lives. From a young age I always dreamt of a husband, children, and a home. Today I am living that dream in the vacuuming, dusting, laundry, and cooking. Those details are what I dreamt about as a child, yet sometimes I forget to live in that dream, I forget to live in the details. More and more however I have learned to bask in the details, live in the details, and show up in the details.

We all have the opportunity to show our love through attending to the details and truly living in the details. Do that today and each day! Raise those Cabernet glasses to the details, go live, truly live!

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