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As I sat on the back patio allowing the wind to breeze through my hair I thought to myself, “I am totally ready for the struggle of long hair and lip gloss.”  All you ladies know exactly what I am talking about!  Today was the third time I have made my hair straight.  My hair is getting longer and well… I have been curious.  The first time I attempted to straighten it I think it looked like a cross between Hillary Clinton and Pat Benatar.  It was rather impressive or rather hysterical.  The second time was much better.  Today though, to close my eyes, to feel the wind blow through my hair was magical.

A year ago it was cold to be a bald.  Today with my hair straight it is getting closer and closer to the old me.  I’m recognizing more and more of myself each day in my reflection.  I’ve embraced my chemo curls, as I like to call them, but I am totally ready to be able to change it up.  Kind of like Hillary Rodham Clinton, “If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.”  Keep people guessing!

Tons of people told me that my hair might grow back gray.  Equal amounts of people told me that my hair would be a whole lot thinner.  People who didn’t realize my hair was naturally curly told me that my hair would grow back curly.  Seemed like everyone had a theory, ha!  I was just happy to have hair growth!

I had a secret weapon.  I didn’t really know if it would work or not.  Honestly I thought, “couldn’t hurt, I’ve been bald.”  A dear friend became a Market Presenter for Monat and she surprised me with the Let It Grow System.  I have loved every single thing about Monat.  From the smell of it, to how it makes my hair feel, to how it makes my hair shine.  Most importantly it has helped my hair grow quicker than I expected.  I also don’t feel like my hair is thinner than it was before I took my hair.  Monat has a whole lot to do with that!

The picture below is from late September.  Taken at the Teal Ribbon 5k with my girls.  As you can see my hair was SHORT!  I began using Monat first part of October.

This next picture is from today.  Look at that HAIR!  Don’t mind that I am a terrible selfie taker.

Does Monat work?  A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes even more.  You tell me if it looks like it works!  For me, it works.  I am a believer and a skeptic of most things.  So let’s get down to what I use.  I use the Intense Repair Shampoo, Intense Repair Treatment, Revitalize Conditioner, and I will forever be in love with their Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive.  The oil works wonders on your skin, add a couple of drops to your lotion and WOW!

Getting down to the details of Monat.  It doesn’t take a lot of product to get a good lather which is awesome because they recommend to shampoo twice.  Mine has seriously lasted me forever and I am still not out of what she sent me.  I am about to place an order with her soon though.  October is when I began using Monat, it’s February.

If you are looking for great hair care, look no further than Monat.  My girl, Brittany Waszak will take great care of you.  She’s one of those people that has a heart of gold and isn’t a pushy sales person!  Her website is (should be linked for you to click on).

For all the mommas out there they also have a junior line that is pretty awesome, too.  Shampoo, conditioner, and detangler for the little ones.  My girls call it, “the smell good shampoo!”

Monat really is more than just an avenue to grow your hair out.  There are a few different lines and a new one coming out. Talk about your concerns with my gal.

I’ll be scheduling some time with my hairdresser so that she can give me a real hair cut and shape my hair into a great style. I bet I cry! I’ve been waiting over a year for this moment, for these feelings. I’m going to savor it!

Raise those water bottles to hair strands, versatile hair, Monat, and an amazing friend (thank you Brittany)!  Cheers to great hair!

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